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2:37 AM is a meticulously crafted collection of modern R&B and trapsoul samples produced by Devin Williams with help from Tori Williams and Given Kongolo. It features 10 full length compositions featuring live electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keys, synths and vocals. All files are in 24 bit wav format, mixed with plenty of headroom, and labeled with the key and bpm so you can drag and drop into any DAW. For those producers that prefer to have more creative control, all tracks have stems available.

The samples within this pack are royalty free for independent producers and artists. However, clearance must be obtained if any arrangement that features samples from 2:37 AM reaches more than 10 million streams on any combination of streaming services. For artists and producers signed to a major record label, clearance must be obtained prior to distribution, regardless of streaming numbers. Clearance is guaranteed and hassle free. To clear samples, please contact Devin at devinjcwilliams@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest in 2:37 AM.

2:37 AM (Tracks)

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